Sunday, February 24, 2008

Richard Catto - Racist HateMonger Troll

Richard Catto is a sick man. This once-married, now divorced and openly homosexual man takes pleasure out of other people's pain. Richard Catto is also a racist, although not the typical type of racist, he is a racist against all Afrikaners and is delighted when harm comes their way. And the things he said is beyond the belief of most people.

Here are some samples of his quotes:

* I laugh whenever I hear about some Afrikaner bitch getting raped. ... they have it coming to them.
"Die Boere moet vrek!" (the Afrikaner must die!)
Fuck white Afrikaner Christians! White Afrikaner Christians suck the shit out of a dead man’s colon!
* I want all the BOERS out of South Africa.
* This time, Blood River will run with YOUR (Afrikaner) blood. I can't fucking wait!
I want them (Afrikaners) wiped off out of South Africa. They made an implacable enemy of me during my forced National Service. It’s time for reprisals against the Afrikaner.
* I was never cut out to be a Kaffir Killer but I was born to be a Boer Butcher!
And I shall be even more ruthless than Breaker Morant. If you go to war and you fall into my hands, you will not survive long.

Here is how we deal with Richard Catto

* Post some of Richard Catto's quotes and his photograph to Afrikaner sites.

* Post Richard Catto's quotes and photograph and post them around the Cape Town Southern Suburbs - I believe he is in the Retreat/Bergvliet area.

* E-mail UniForum (Where Richard Catto registered his domain) and inform them that Richard Catto used a fraudulent address when registering his domain (He admitted on that 1 Silverhurst Drive is a fictitious address) which is a violation of the UniForum rules. E-mail and tell them that was fraudulently registered.

* Contact the South African Human Rights Commission and inform them of the hate-speech Richard Catto is dishing out. Contact Mr Walter Nene: Fax: (011) 484 1360

* Keep an eye on his website ( and note any hate speech. Take a screenshot for proof and then post the quote on this blog.

* And most importantly, hit him financially. It seems that Richard Catto "earns" a living by selling advertisement space on his blog. If you see someone who is advertising on his blog, contact them to complain. Tell them that by advertising on his blog they are financing hate-speech and the advocation of violence.

Together, we can stop Richard Catto from causing further pain to others. While Richard Catto has the right to hate, he doesn't have the right to hurt.