Sunday, February 24, 2008

Richard Catto - Racist HateMonger Troll

Richard Catto is a sick man. This once-married, now divorced and openly homosexual man takes pleasure out of other people's pain. Richard Catto is also a racist, although not the typical type of racist, he is a racist against all Afrikaners and is delighted when harm comes their way. And the things he said is beyond the belief of most people.

Here are some samples of his quotes:

* I laugh whenever I hear about some Afrikaner bitch getting raped. ... they have it coming to them.
"Die Boere moet vrek!" (the Afrikaner must die!)
Fuck white Afrikaner Christians! White Afrikaner Christians suck the shit out of a dead man’s colon!
* I want all the BOERS out of South Africa.
* This time, Blood River will run with YOUR (Afrikaner) blood. I can't fucking wait!
I want them (Afrikaners) wiped off out of South Africa. They made an implacable enemy of me during my forced National Service. It’s time for reprisals against the Afrikaner.
* I was never cut out to be a Kaffir Killer but I was born to be a Boer Butcher!
And I shall be even more ruthless than Breaker Morant. If you go to war and you fall into my hands, you will not survive long.

Here is how we deal with Richard Catto

* Post some of Richard Catto's quotes and his photograph to Afrikaner sites.

* Post Richard Catto's quotes and photograph and post them around the Cape Town Southern Suburbs - I believe he is in the Retreat/Bergvliet area.

* E-mail UniForum (Where Richard Catto registered his domain) and inform them that Richard Catto used a fraudulent address when registering his domain (He admitted on that 1 Silverhurst Drive is a fictitious address) which is a violation of the UniForum rules. E-mail and tell them that was fraudulently registered.

* Contact the South African Human Rights Commission and inform them of the hate-speech Richard Catto is dishing out. Contact Mr Walter Nene: Fax: (011) 484 1360

* Keep an eye on his website ( and note any hate speech. Take a screenshot for proof and then post the quote on this blog.

* And most importantly, hit him financially. It seems that Richard Catto "earns" a living by selling advertisement space on his blog. If you see someone who is advertising on his blog, contact them to complain. Tell them that by advertising on his blog they are financing hate-speech and the advocation of violence.

Together, we can stop Richard Catto from causing further pain to others. While Richard Catto has the right to hate, he doesn't have the right to hurt.


Guy McLaren said...

Don't you think this is a bit harsh? The bloke needs help, sympathy and love not condemnation.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally ticked the first item on the poll - I most certainly don't support his views. He must be satan personified.

Anonymous said...

@guy_mclaren: I don't think any amount of live and sympathy could fix Richard Catto

Twylite said...

Y'know, I don't like Catto much. He's messed up, and he's a racist. But he does have a right to free speech.

Now that right stops at hate speech, which the Constitution defines as incitement to violence. Catto may spew a lot of crap and indicate his desire for certain people to come to harm, but I've never actually seen him call for others to go out and f**k people up (although I admit I haven't read all of his "works").

You on the other hand advocate posting Catto's quotes and pictures in a manner intended to cause imminent physical harm to him.

'm just sayin' ...

Drew Patrick said...

The previous poster is correct - no matter how demented Richard's opinions may be he is still entitled to them. While his remarks are distasteful, they cannot be construed as hate speech. I think you are inciting action against him which would result in someone getting hurt.

If you feel the need to publicise your dislike for Richard, at least use you real name so he knows where its coming from.

Anonymous said...

Here are some more gems from Mr Catto:

"You will change or you will be put in prison or driven out. Or worse.

This is what happened during the Civil Rights Era in the ’60s in the southern states of the United States. It needs to happen here too.

We must burn the racists out."

- Responding to a comment that change should come from within. Can anyone say witch hunt?

How about this one: "You and others here would be on my list."

Some more:

"I believe that white people are fundamentally corrupt and racist to the core."

"Ever since I have posted blog articles which protest the actions of Boer Christians, this blog has been inundated with racist vitriol from rockspiders who should be deprived of their air supply as swiftly as possible."

Sheena Gates said...

It really amazes me that all of you could spend hours sifting through one persons blog and then quoting his every wrong move.

I understand a lot of what Richard Catto writes is offensive to you, but ever heard of the saying "if you don't like, don't read"? No one is forcing anyone to read anything, especially if it offends you so much.

In my personal opinion, I've come across many a blog that offends or disgusts me, how did I deal with it? I never went back. Less hassle and effort on my part.

To each their own. Get over it, guys. Seriously, trying to attack someone physically by posting pictures and attacking them career wise is just wrong. I bet you if your company was approached about your behaviour online you would be horrified.

I can also agree with the cowardly anonymous route - surely if your feelings are so strong and you want to take a stand, you shouldn't be ashamed to put your name out there?

Sheena Gates said...


Anonymous said...

sheena gates, by supporting Richard Catto you are now as guilty as he is in his crimes. You shall also share the same faith. Anyone who gives Catto financial or moral support shall be considered the enemy and will get what's coming to them!

Sheena Gates said... I'm assuming that Guy falls into the same category as I do then, considering he morally supported Richard on this thread too?

Or is it okay because he's Guy McLaren?

Look - I didn't say I supported everything Richard writes, I did say I didn't support this blog and its intentions though.

Richard Catto said...

Give me your name and I will bring the fight to you, you yellow bellied fuckwit.

Amy xxoo said...

Seriously, you people have issues. Clearly, you seem to think those issues are with Richard's opinions and his expression of them, but i'm more inclined to think you have an issue with Richard himself.

So you dont like the man - so what? Like Sheena said, if you dont agree withi his views or like the way in which he presents them or you just dont like him personally, dont read his blog.

Starting malicous rumours and encouraging violence towards the man is as abhorrent as the apparent behaviour you seem to think Richard exhibits.

Wade said...

There is an old saying "Don't look for shit and expect to find honey."

2 Carla Lane said...

Love this site.

Give me more.

how about the fact that is registered with an invalid VAT number?

He's a nortee boy!

2 Carla Lane said...

"There is an old saying "Don't look for shit and expect to find honey.""

Correct, Wade.

And CTN is certainly a good place to look for shit.

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of this site? Just leave the pathetic moffie alone to suffer in his own hatred.

The Uhuru Guru said...

Brilliant effort! Thank you and well done for exposing this self-hating piece of white trash. I for one will monitor advertisers to Catto's cyber sewer (hey, they might feature me on "Dirty Jobs") and complain loudly.

Filth like Catto must be exposed & driven out of business and for that I gladly volunteer my time & resources.

The Uhuru Guru said...

PS: Any truth in the rumour old Catto
got smacked & panelbeated by some angry non-supporters recently? If anyone took cellphone pics of Catto's happy slapping session, please post them up - seeing this will fill many a heart with abundant joy!

Anonymous said...

UG: Yeah, he got a bloody lip and probably a black eye. What happened is that someone tracked down an advert he put on advertising Ubuntu for R100. That someone had his chick call him up and arrange to pick it up. Catto was foolish enough to give his home address to her. When she arrived she had two blokes with her in the back seat. She hooted and Catto come out. Then the two blokes got out of the car and went after Catto. Catto ran but one dude managed to punch him in the mouth (which scratched his finger but gave Catto a bloody lip) and landed another punch to his eye. He started yelling and got up and ran back inside.

The girlfriend who drove was supposed to have recorded it, however it was all over after about 20 seconds.

I do have his real address though. I posted it here once but the blog owner deleted it. I guess he doesn't want to be held responsible for a fatal "botched robbery" at the Catto residence!

The Uhuru Guru said...

Haha, the coward RAN!! Probably pissed his pants as well. Someone closely involved in his potty training posted this online:
Catto's mother takes to the internet, WTF???

jacoba said...

Thanks so much for this. Whilst I do believe he needs help, and seriously so, I do not believe that allowing people like him loose is going to help any one of us to build.

He has upset me and caused me to loose my temper a few times - even though I knew he was a sick little man.

I am ashamed of having allowed myself to get so very upset by a creature like that.

Hans said...

What this site is doing for Richard is exactly what he wants - - traffic through his site. Ignore the man!
His views and opinions, whilst despicable, are his and fortunately his alone.
I do not condone his sentiment but am sure not going to give this individual any more of my time. He needs help - he's obviously extremely bitter, angry and hurt about something and needs to address that.

Ricky said...

My name is Ricky Catto and I am actually an Afrikaaner.

I have been noticing a lot of comments about Richard Catto on the internet and it concerns me that we might be confused for each other.

My biggest concern is that I own the domain and host both my and my wife's sites there ( +

It is a bit of an irony that our names are so similar - my name is actually Richy (pronounced in the German way, like ich or doch).

I wasn't sure where to post information about how we are different individuals but I thought this might be a good place. You can have a look at my Facebook profile ( and see that i have many friends who know me personally in Johannesburg.

I don't have a problem with Richard, personally. If the things on this site are true then i will pray for him.

I certainly don't condone hate or racism of any sort.

Ricky Catto

Mark said...

Ah, finally a chance to comment on Richard dipshit Catto. I read his article posted in 2007 on Capetown news. He MUST definitely be the most confused and mixed up halfwit ever to walk the planet. Something obviously injected him in the wrong orifice. My guess is some Afrikaner gave him lip one day around 25 years ago and now he has an eternal chip on his shoulder. Poor confused and misguided.

Anonymous said...

Shame poor Richard Catto. Please leave the pathetic idiot alone. He is mentally retarded and he has a very tiny penis. Why else would no woman (or man) want him? Certainly not for his intellect.

Anonymous said...

I am from Durban never knew this guy but received his spam mail and complained to him ...he swore and insulted me and after me googling to find out who this asshole is I am pleased to know that he is the screw up and not a representation of all Cape Town people ...he is a bad reflection on the city with this "Cape Town News" thing ...we should pity him and stay away...

Richard Catto said...

@anon in dbn: if you got told to piss off, you probably included some lame threat with your unsubscribe request. I don't take threats from anyone. every email I send has a working unsubscribe link. no-one gets insulted if they use it or if they ask politely to be taken off.

Anonymous said...

See here - he's at it again:

Richard Catto said...

Patrick Hopkins of Sense Online is a liar. I'm still waiting for him to lay his promised charges.

He is full of hot wind and nothing else.

Hopkins got put in his place by myself, Marisa and another friend of hers when he tried to steal her intellectual property.

So you're grasping at straws.

Anonymous said...

Think the guy is dangerous?:

Anonymous said...

Here is more info about this CUNT!

Anonymous said...

A journalist suggested someone like Richard Catto deserves a fan page on Facebook - I found one here:

Anonymous said...

This Catto is an uneducated moron. The language he uses says that his seeking attention and is a total idiot. Don't waste time and energy on fools like him.

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace to South Africa & society - Richard Catto you are a worthless piece of trash

Anonymous said...

Richard Catto is truly infamous. Every now and again someone creates a website dedicated to this cowardly foul-mouthed oxygen thief. But I see the sites are removed with regularity and I think I know why. He may have a relative in the legal profession. Is it just me or is there a resemblance between Richard Catto and Amanda Catto from Catto Neethling Wiid Attorneys? His sister perhaps?

Anonymous said...

The author of this blog is probably a disgruntled ex-ATJer.. someone who frequented the Usenet newsgroup alt.tasteless.jokes, and Catto handed him his ass. Rich wouldn't hurt a fly mainly because he never gets out of his damn basement. I'm the only one allowed to attack Richard, so if I hear of anyone else interfering, I'll personally track them down, physically. I promise you don't want me to know where you (and your family, friends, etc..) live.

All of you in here are fuckin' faggots, and I wouldn't hesitate a moment to pop a cap in yer skull. You think Catto's nutz?! I trained the little bitch to do my will. Fuck with him and you'll pay with your life.

Richard Catto said...

Heh. Thanks, Max. You didn't sign your comment, but I recognise your style.

Cheers mate!

Chad Thomas said...
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juhjk said...

Have you seen THIS!!! wow